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The following comments are the customer feedback results from our Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) questionnaire.


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Your Feedback

We would like to hear your comments, recommendations and success stories regarding Redwood Cider Vinegar. Your feedback may be published on this site for the benefit of other customers.

Send us an email with your first name, email address and city and answer the following questions:

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Farmers’ comments:

“We are so thankful we had the cider...!” (sheep stud farm – using ACV 4 months)

“ACV has a lot of benefits. I did not realize ‘till I used it. Healthier stock – increased lambing %.”

“stock seem to be in good condition and holding up well going into winter…”



Farmer’s comments:

"increased their lay"



Farmers’ comments:

“helps with digestive problems in piglets”

Dairy Cows

dairy cow

Farmers’ usage:


ACV Complementing traditional products 55.8%
ACV used as a replacement 30.2%
No comment 13.9%

ACV used continually all year round 76.7%
ACV used as required or seasonally 18.6%
No comment 4.6%

Farmers’ comments:

"shinier coats and generally healthier looking cows”

“good natural product”

“very good in Autumn when grass is fast growing”

“assists in clean-up of breeding canal after calving”

“good, especially around calving and drying off for general health benefits”

“makes magnesium more palatable”

“healthier immune system”

“cows drink more water”

“settles stomach”

“helps with calving...assists cattle to recover faster”




Farmers’ comments:

“health tonic for goats”

“ACV complements molasses and seaweed”

“prevents ‘goatey’ taste of milk and cheese made from goats milk”


Please see Technical Info for dosage rates.



Steers / Calves


Farmers’ comments on
ACV with garlic:

"all my animal are very healthy, never catch colds, etc"

"glossy coats, bright eyes; keeps flies at bay"

“complements working programme”

“prevents blood clots – rich in selenium and powerful healing properties”

“natural antibiotic”

“extra vitamin C”

“cows don’t have bad breath”

“added immune protection”

Farmers’ comments on
ACV with garlic & honey:

"taste of ACV accepted more easily”

“masks the taste for cattle”

“ACV – great 4 all animals and humans; cheap – saves a lot of money” (3 years use ACV + garlic + honey – 130 beef calves, horses, dogs, and himself)



Owner’s comments:

“good coat”

“definitely develops a high immune system”

“ACV is a palatable liquid which horses accept readily in any feed. It definitely strengthens the immune system and builds a strong antioxidant system. Our horses are always very healthy. I am a strong promoter of ACV.” (using ACV + garlic + honey for 25 years – has 20-40 race horses)

“ACV is great for mares because of the potassium – helps with birth. Helps in the coat colour. It maintains the pH in the body, making my mare and young horses healthier. I also use ACV on cuts, etc. Helps healing and prevents scarring and any mild skin conditions. It’s good stuff. It also helps stop stones in the urethra or kidneys. Keeps the stallion in good form. First Aid Kit: spray with ACV and olive oil and cover with black pepper.” (using ACV + garlic for 10 years – purebred quarter horses for show and breeding)

“prevents difficult births with breeding mares and stallion and given to working horses daily”

“When I’ve had injuries, I drench the horse with ACV which has reduced the need for antibiotics as the wounds don’t become infected. ACV is a wonderful product and the best thing to give your animals to keep them in good health.” (using ACV + garlic + honey for 5 years – horses and cows)

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